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Threat Assessment

Every 15-30 page Threat Assessment that we complete is unique to your school, religious institution or business.  You may have seen one size fits all videos and cursory threat assessment plans before but that is not what we offer.  A direct action threat assessment includes ANY and ALL threats that pertain to you and your community and not simply terrorist threats.  The majority of threats to a community do not come in the form of masked terrorists although prevention and reacting to that very real and terrifying threat is a part of every plan that we complete for you.

We spend many more hours on each assessment than most other companies and even more than law enforcement simply because that is how all threat assessments should be done.  This doesn't cost you more, it is simply the right thing to do for our clients.  We work with your staff or team to ensure that you understand what specific changes and training is needed to create the safest and most productive religious, educational and professional environment possible.




ABOUT Direct Action

At Direct Action we have one mission and that is to increase the safety of our Country but increasing the safety and the ability of our clients to respond to any emergency. We work specifically in religious, educational, professional and family environments in the area's of domestic and international terrorist threat assessment and prevention, pedophile prevention and reporting, active shooter training, active and passive lock-down training and reaction plan implementation, and international and domestic personal security.  We do not think that you will find a more hands on company in the threat assessment and risk prevention field, period.

Direct Action LLC. is a culmination of years of experience, tremendous effort, absolute awareness and at times the sadness of unbearable human compassion that I have experienced over the years while working in the United States, Central and Northern Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

I have spent the last 32 years working in the fields of Special Operations as a United States Navy SEAL, as a private investigator locating lost or missing relatives, developing and implementing threat assessment plans and mentoring and

training men and women in Rape, pedophile and domestic abuse prevention and reporting plans and strategies.

I have been fortunate enough to work with business', temples, synagogues, JCC's, ECC's, churches, schools both religious and non-religious plus families around the U.S. and the world.

I look forward to helping you and your community create a safer, community focused place of worship, education or business.

John B. MacLaren

we train like we fight: On target, on time, Every time!

Direct action llc.

Close Protection, Threat Assessment, Active Shooter Training & Security Services

Violence has been increasing in the US and
overseas dramatically since 2000.

Are you ready?

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• Domestic Violence Prevention

• Verbal Judo Conflict Diffusion

HANds-on training offered

• Active Shooter Response

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• Firearms Safety & Tactics

• Pedophile Prevention & Reporting


when seconds count, do you know what you will do?

Active Shooter

Direct Action active shooter prevention and reaction training is a must for all schools, businesses and religious institutions open to the public which of course is the nature of each of those environments.

Understanding where active shooter threats come from, who becomes an active shooter and how to avoid them.  Understand how to react if you and your staff or congregation is in an active shooter situation.  Learn how to survive.

Direct Action LLC. active shooter specialist, John MacLaren has spent over 30 years in the fields of special operations as a U.S. Navy SEAL, as a Private Investigator, a pedophile prevention and reporting specialist, a rape and domestic abuse prevention specialist, an executive and personal protection specialist. John has developed threat assessment and security plan implementation program in many countries around the globe.


active/passive Lock-down

Religious, educational and professional environments are more likely to experience an active or passive lock-down than they are almost any other threat or emergency.  This is particularly true if you have children present.

Knowing exactly where to go and what to do in a lock-down is a priority and an absolute necessity for safety and for employee, staff or student retention.

There are many instructional videos out there that cover active and passive lock-down but do you and your staff know exactly what and why you should make the choices that you should make in an emergency.  We will help you create a plan that fits for your professional, religious and educational culture, the building layout and the specifics of your area.

We have yet to find a more in depth training program than the one we offer at Direct Action LLC. Very simply lives depend on what we do in the first seconds of an emergency. Make those seconds count because there is no room for error in an emergency.

Pedophile prevention and reporting

There is a serious lack of understanding in many families, religious institutions, organizations and communities in general when it comes to how pedophiles and perpetrators function, groom and access children. At Direct Action LLC., we work tirelessly to educate, parents, teachers, clergy, staff and children so that everyone can understand the signs of a perpetrator who is attempting to gain access to their children and understand that importance of responding properly.

Perhaps even more important than responding than understanding the nuances of sexual predators is understanding what to do when allegations or actual incidents occur. Are you prepared to handle each situation properly so that the safety of the children and the understanding of the parents, students or congregation flourishes as opposed to imploding. Our Pedophile prevention and reporting specialist will help you and your community through a potentially difficult and emotional charged time and we will ensure that you have a plan and that  you are responding safely and properly with the present and the future of children, staff and parents in mind. Please DO NOT WAIT for an incident to occur. Train, plan and focus before you are faced with an actual emergency.

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